Custom Packaging Phoenix/Packaging, Inc. can print YOUR designs onto boxes at an affordable price!
Local PA: 717-653-2345 Toll Free: 1-800-874-3664







Unlike traditional printing, such as an offset press, digital printing is more cost effective, and prints directly onto its substrate. At Phoenix/Packaging, Inc. we utilize digital printing to help our customers personalize their product. When you buy a box from us, it only costs you a little more to digitally customize and print a design.


All types of creative freedom are allowed to be expressed. Have a design already created? Great! We work with that design and get the production process running. If you're someone who isn't keen on creativity or design, don't worry! We offer a consultation with our designer for any design assistance.


  1. Identify the box, size, and color
  2. Know the quantity you're looking for
  3. Send a design ready file of your choice to be printed
  4. Receive a personalized quote
  5. Once approved, we will run the job
  6. All ordered items will be shipped!
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